Pull of the Stars

1918. Dublin. Spanish Flu.  Three days in the life of a dedicated nurse who works in a storage room taking care of 3 pregnant Irish women who are infected with the flu and soon to give birth.  The writing clearly gives details of birthing in those years with little medical help.  I almost stopped listening to this audio but I’m glad I didn’t.  Bridey and Nurse Julia (fictional) along with Doctor Lynn (real person) bring this story to life. The sadness and tragedy of what the Irish women lived through, what orphans suffered is truly brought to life in this book.  Set in the midst of the aftermath of World War 1, the Spanish Flu and the Irish Rebellion, this is a story that is hard to listen to or read but it is well done and absolutely worth your time!

Not an easy read, especially during our 2020 pandemic, but truly a memorable book!