Pearls of Wisdom

Barbara Bush, with her white hair and pearls, was a remarkable woman and role model. The book,  Pearls of Wisdom, published after her death gives us a personal glimpse of her life through the memories and vignettes of family, personal friends, political friends and world leaders. Her simple direct way of life was treasured by everyone. I enjoyed this book. Lots of things stood out that were fun to read about:

  • loved peppermint ice cream
  • in 1992 started to do needlepoint and loved it
  • kept a diary every day
  • favorite book was Pride and Prejudice
  • first and only man she ever kissed was George Bush
  • always spoke her mind
  • mission was literacy which continues to this day
  • and much more…..

This book was a delight to read and she must have been an incredible friend, mother, wife, leader.