Our Missing Hearts

Incredibly amazing and dark story.  A bit dystopia.  Beautifully written, sad.  This is the story of Bird and Sadie and Bird’s Mom, a Chinese American poet.  Life is described in a future time when liberties are removed, as are children from parents who are deemed unfit to raise them…due to political, religious reasons.  It is, in many ways, a very frightening story.  

I worked my way through it with difficulty and then the ending brought it together.  When you read it, you will be amazed at the use of the bottle caps….such brilliance by this renowned author.

I am attaching a link here to her web page on the book that can describe the whole thing better than I.  Suffice it to say, an important book, especially for the climate we live in, with past dictatorial leader, abandoned children at the border, etc etc…...  Dont be dismayed because the book is a challenge……

Be sure to read or listen to the author’s words at the end.