Oil and Marble

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo are names we know well.  But this debut novel by Stephanie Story will truly introduce you to these Renaissance masters in a totally new way.  The story is set in Florence from 1501 to 1505.  Leonardo is in his fifties, brilliant and charming, but at odds with what he completes.  He becomes obsessed with LISA, a merchant’s wife, who becomes his muse.  Michaelangelo is young, brash and arrogant.  He wants only to sculpt and his father is opposed.  Leonardo is not too sure of this young upstart.

Michelangelo has just completed the Pieta in Romeand is becoming known.  He retuirns to Florence, his home and obtains the commission to turn a block of stone (marble) into something renowned.  Leonardo wants that commission too.  We all know what happens, as the David, becomes immortal, as does the Mona Lisa in oil.

I enjoyed every minute of this story because it was so fascinating.  Beautifully written and told in a story sort of way, but totally based in historical facts.  Click here for some fascinating facts. 

The author has done a stunning job and I look forward to her new novel, available in April 2020….Raphael.  

Highly recommended