Oh William

Oh William is marvelous!  I listened to the whole book and I loved every minute of it. It is not a particularly long novel and it’s as much of a fictional memoir as I have ever read. I will warn you, dear reader, that Elizabeth Strout’s stuff is not for everyone. If you loved reading Olive Kittredge, then you will really enjoy Oh William. The nuances,  the memories are indescribable and should  be listened  to, as the audiobook reader could fully attest to.

And then there is the title. Numerous times I found myself saying oh William, oh William.  There is a sadness in this book but it never made me feel unhappy. She talks of her marriages to David and to William and the good and the bad of each marriage. I really felt like I was listening to someone talking about real life with all of its goods and bads.

I guess you can tell that I would highly recommend this book…