Night Portrait

This is a good book.  Told in two timelines, it is a historical novel about one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings, Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine.

Milan, 1492.  Cecelia is a sixteen year old beauty who becomes the mistress of the Duke of Milan.  She finds herself sitting before Leonard as he paints her portrait.

Munich, World War II. Edith, a conservator is forced to help the Nazi leaders obtain priceless works of art and create a museum of stolen works.  She eventually works with the Americans, the famed Monuments Men,  in recovering these priceless pieces or art.

These two women, separated by 500 years are part of the history as one painting stands at the center.

I really enjoyed this book.  I read it and I listened to it.  Some of the audio voices were “not so good” but others were fine.

Well worth spending time with this novel.