Night of Miracles….a Novel

"NIGHT OF MIRACLES is the sequel to THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV, although it can be read as a stand-alone book. It focuses on the fictional town of Mason, Missouri, and the characters who live there, especially the seemingly irascible Lucille, who has begun teaching baking classes in the town. You are also introduced to new characters: Monica, a waitress at Polly's Henhouse and Tiny, a cab driver who is head over heels about Monica, but can't quite make his feelings known. Iris is a new resident of the town who has left Boston to try to forge a new life and get over a divorce. And you meet Abby, who is dealing a terrible diagnosis affecting not only her but her husband and 10-year old son. As with THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV, this novel is meant to provide comfort and offer hope, and to remind us all of the goodness inherent in every person.” Author’s website

This book is marvelous.  I read it in a couple of days and just could not put it down.  As the author writes on her webpage….”feeling depressed about the state of the world, I needed to write something to get me out of my funk”.  She has done that.  The characters in this novel become your friends.  You want to know more about them and I guess we will as the author has a sequel coming out in November 2019 (on my birthday too).  This book touches on so many emotions including sadness mixed with an everlasting love…..kind of like Arthur Truluv.  Yes…tru-love!