Mrs. DeWinter

This book, published in 1993, is the sequel to Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier, which was published in 1938.  It does it justice.  I had a hard time putting the book down.  Susan Hill, in very good duMaurier style, continues as Maxim and the second Mrs. DeWinter leave Manderley and go into exile for ten years.  Beatrice dies, Maxim’s sister and they return to Manderley for the services.  Thus begins the next chapters.  Driven by memories, guilt, uncertainties and fear the couple try to cope.  Enter Mrs. Danvers and Flavell……what will happen?

How can the deWinter’s ever find peace, happiness and contentment?  A moral dilemma.  This is an engaging read and the ending will not disappoint.  

I read Rebecca when I was a teenager, then I read it again.  The language and story are unforgettable and I read it with a much more practiced and educated eye as a 70 year old woman, as compared to a 16 year old girl.  I loved it and could see Manderley in my mind’s eye.  I likenecd it to a beautiful estate in Newburyport, Massachusetts where I often walked, along the river.  After finishing the novel for the second time, I then read Rebecca’s Tale.  Then I read Mrs. deWinter.  Reverse that order and read Rebecca, Mrs. deWinter and finally Rebecca’s Tale.  Its all worth it!