Mother Land

This is a delightful story of cultural and cross generational differences and acceptances.  Rachel marries Druhve and leaves New York and relocates with  him to Mumbai.  Suddenly his mother from Kolcotta decides to leave her husband of 40 years and move in with her son and daughter in law.  This is a shock to Rachel and her husband.  To add insult to injury, Druhv’s job sends him on a business trip and he will be gone for at least a month.  Rachel and Swati are left alone, hardly knowing each other.  Swati is determined to educate Rachel as to how to be a proper Indian wife.  Rachel is strong willed and independent and is trying to find her place in this new world with her husband away.  They are thrown together and find unique ways to accept each other and gradually become close confidents.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning a bit about the Indian culture, foods, customs and rituals through this novel.  Told in a lighthearted way with a wonderful audio,though the issues truly were serious, we learn how each woman learns about the other and how they come to value each other and discovver what is important amidst traditions.  These two women became real to me and I learned how our differences can unite us.  Highly recommended!