Meet Me at the Museum

This debut novel is excellent.  I did not want it to end.  When one first meets Tina and Anders, they are strangers to our brains and emotions.  By the end of the novel, one wants to run out and meet them!

Told in an epitolary format, we become acquainted with our main characters through their interactions with each other.  It is a charming book about two strangers dismayed by where their lives have brought them.  One is a farmer’s wife and the other a museum curator.  Brought together by their fascinations with the archeological Tollund Man, they begin o excavate their own direction.  (Spoiler alerts ahead)

When pregnancy and infidelity creep into their lives, their remarkable friendship helps them through to serenity.

I loved this book.  I loved the section on letter writing vs. email.  I loved everything about this book and I highly recommend it!