This is a gorgeous piece of writing.  It is a short book or audio but it is deeply felt.  This is considered the final book in the trilogy which began with Incredible Journey of Harold Fry, followed by The Lovesong of Queenie Peavey.  This finishes those stories in an exquisite way.  Maureen, Harold’s wife, ten years after Harold’s journey decides to go an a journey of her own.  Outspoken yet vulnerable, she attempts to form bonds with the people she meets on her journey to find Queenie’s garden.  She has to see this garden.  Why, you might ask?  This novella explores love, friendship, guilt and loss.  It helps us to see how Maureen had to go through these steps to find herself.

“a perfect gem” of a book as one reviewer said.  “a quiet miracle” said another.  Read it and find out for yourself.