Lucky Penny

I am fortunate to know the author of this book.  She is even coming to our book club discussion. There were lots of things about this book that I liked.  But most importantly, I loved the compassion, love and acceptance that was exhibited by Faith’s parents.  In a nutshell, Faith is a senior in high school and becomes pregnant.  Her parents are upset, naturally, but the manner in which they handled this situation is remarkable.  A family secret and then 40 years later.  The story unfolds…..

I grew up in the sixties when a pregnancy of this sort weas looked upon in a negative way and scorned.  Home for Unwed Mothers kind of thing.   The setting of the story was Batavia NY and Fort Lauderdale, Florida..  I loved the Florida descriptions, as Florida is now my home.

I never thought much about this topic.  This book gave me something to think about.  Thank you Pat for writing this.