Love and Ruin

This is a remarkable story of  a very 20th century woman.  She was a true original and a woman ahead of her times. This woman is Martha Gellhorn, the third wife of Ernest Hemingway.  She was born in 1908 and died in 1998.  Heralded as one of the finest women journalists of her time, she was tireless in her coverage of the Spanish Civil War and from many areas of Europe during World War II.  She sent reports from D-Day and the beaches of Normandy.  Her spirit, courage and compassion was limitless.

She fell in love with Ernest Heminingway and he with her.  Their love affair was monumental but doomed to failure.  Their marriage lasted four years, much of it in Cuba.  

This book by acclaimed author Paula McLain, gives a vivid picture of both of the main characters.  Her research was impeccable and the story flows.  I could barely stop likstening to it.  I learned so much.  I loved the way the author was honest in her portrayal of Martha and Ernest….both very capable and driven.  She showed their strengths and weaknesses.  The title is perfect.

Highly recommended.