Love and Other Consolation Prizes

This is an amazigly beautifully written story, language was perfect.  With each sentence, one could feel as if one was living right there in  Seattle in 1902.  The story alternates between the early 1900’s and 1960.  It is a beautiful story based on a true happening.  Ernest Young, a mixed race orphan is literally raffled off at the Alaska Yukon Pacific World’s Fair.  He is “won” by a Madam.  And the story begins.  As his young life changes and he is turned into the house servant, he grows to truly care about the people who exist in the tenderloin house.  There are two women in particular, Maisie, daughter of the Madam and Fahn, who is a maid.  Their lives are intertwined forever.  Bigotry, racism, love, loyalty are all a part of this lovely novel.  The last chapter gives a summary of the real life events making this story even more memorable.

The writing is beautiful by this author who previously wrote Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  Here is an example.....

““Professor True said, “There are people in our lives whom we love, and lose, and forever long for. They orbit our hearts like Halley’s Comet, crossing into our universe only once, or if we’re lucky, twice in a lifetime. And when they do, they affect our gravity.” He said, “You know what I mean? These people are special.”quoted from book

And so is this book!!!!