Lessons in Chemistry

I just finished listening to and reading Lessons in Chemistry, a debut novel by Bonnie Garmus.  It is set in the 60s which, as we know, did not celebrate the aspirations or accomplishments of women. In witty, fast and clever dialogue, the author brings this clearly to life. Our main character, Elizabeth Zott is a chemist with a brilliant mind who who is not recognized for the very fact that she is a woman. She meets another scientist, Calvin,  who becomes a very important part of her life. No spoilers here. Elizabeth, through a strange set of circumstances, becomes a television celebrity by as the star of Dinner at Six. It is an unconventional cooking show designed to help women cook dinner at the frustrating hour of 6 o’clock . When I say unconventional I mean, Elizabeth uses much of her scientific knowledge to engage women not only in cooking but in matters of life and possibly their aspirations for the future.

This is a very wonderful book