Last Train to Key West

The setting is the Florida Keys in 1935.  Three women, all with differen stories, find a connection with each other during the most devastating hurricane to ever hit the coast of Florida.  Based on true events, thousands of people dies and thousands of dollars worth of property was demolished.  In graphic detail, the author depicts this storm at its height.  One can almost feel the pounding surf and ferocious winds.  Once can almost see the rising ocean as it engulfs the homes and inns in its wake.  And amidst all of this, the author has created a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

I found this to be a good read, easy though the tragedy certainly was terrible.  Many World War ! veterans lived in the keys as they had found work on the railroad.  Their tragic deaths was a strong part of this story.  The story also included the horror of the depression and the rise of the criminal element in New York City.  

There is alot going on here and it is worth a read by this Floridian author!