Lady Clementine

This is the remarkable story of Clementine Churchill and her life with the remarkable Winston.  Told in the first person, we travel with her through World War 1, the tragedy of the Dardanelles,the return to power and ultimately, Winston’s role as Prime Minister of Britain.  The author has clearly researched the life of these famous people.  Clementine was highly involved with Winston’s career.  He counted on her for advice, support and suggestions.  She had a way of “softening” his abrupt manner with many people and politicians.  We learn of her strong stand for women’s rights and the plight of the poor, especially during the Blitz.  We also witness her role as a mother and the guilt she suffered. feeling she was not adequate in that role.  I enjoyed reading about her relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt, two women who shared many similarities.

This was another good read from Marie Benedicts, author of Carnegie’s Maid, The Only Woman in the Room, Einstein’s Wife.