Four Winds

Kristen Hannah has written a compelling and heartbreaking story set in Texas and California during the depression. Elsa has been brought up to think she is unworthy and unattractive. When she meets Rafe, he makes her feel pretty.   From that point on, things change for her. She meets his parents and begins to work the land with them. She finds her place and is accepted.  Times are tough as it is the depression and they barely scrape by. Then, come the dust storms. The author describes these storms in such a way that you almost feel as if you are there.  Living as we do now in 2021, it is hard to comprehend the horror that these people lived through.  The dream was for the families to go west to California where there were possibilities for a better life.  Once in California, the lives and the oppression by the farm owners created additional horrors.  Should the migrants strike about the unfair conditions?This added another challenge for the characters and ended up creating the climax of the story.  

I read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will admit it was depressing and I kept hoping that Elsa would catch a break. If you choose to read it, don’t put it down. Keep going. I learned so much from this novel.