“More than most books four times its size, “Foster" does several of the things we ask of great literature:  It expands our world, diverting our attention outward, and it opens up our hearts and minds.  This is a small book with a miraculously outsized impact”

This truly is a short, simple and yet not, book that leaves you with a punch.  I truly enjoyed it.  Set in Ireland amidst poverty, struggle and Catholicism, it is the story of a young girl who is farmed out to relatives to east the burdens at her home.  There she learns love and compassion.  She learns many other life lessons as well.

This book can be read quickly and I do believe there is a movie called “The Quiet Girl” which is based on this book by Claire Keegan.  It will bear watching.  The attached review tells so beautifully the theme of this book that it is hard for me to blog it any better.  Do read it!!!