Forty Autumns: One Family’s Story of Survival and Courage on Both sides of the Berlin Wall…...

Forty Autumns : A Family’s Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall.   This is a brilliant and moving memoir as the author, a former military intelligence officer, tells the story of her family during the Cold War.  It is the story of five women separated for over forty years and then reunited when the wall came down in 1989.  At 20, Hannah escapes from his East Germany and eventually co es to live free, in the United States.  But the cost of this freedom meant leaving her parents, eight siblings and her family home.

In breathtaking detail, we learn of life behind the Iron Curtain and of all the players, in a political sense, who contributed toward this isolation and the ways in which people coped.  From Ronald Regan, Gorbachev and many other memorable people, we learn in a factual way, how Germany eventually becomes united.

This is a book to read and learn from. It was, for me, eye opening, informative and thoroughly a sad sense.