Florence Adler Swims Forever

Florence Adler was not a real person but her character was based on a real person.  The author’s note at the end of this debutnovel goes into the history of how and why the author wrote this book.  I enjoyed this novel, very much.  I listened to the audio and the narration was excerllent.

The setting is Atlantic City, NJ in 1934.  The Adler’s own the bakery and live above it for the summer so that they can rent out their main home to vacationers.  The characters are a Jewish family…..Joseph and Esther Adler, Florence and Fanny, their adult daughters.  Florence is at Wellesley College but plans to swim the English Channel.  The reader learns in the first few pages that Florence drowns while practicing and Esther demands that they keep Florence’s death a secret.  She does not want Fanny, who is in the hospital on bed rest due to the loss of a previous baby…to lose  this baby.   Is this a good decision?  The other characters are Anna, a Hungarian girl whose mother was a childhood friend of Joseph’s who is sent to America for safety.  Jewish, Nazi era.And there is Isaac, Fanny’s husband and Stuart, Florence’s coach and Gussie who is Fanny’s 7 year old daughter.  All of these characters have their own stories and dreams and must keep the “secret”.  There is alot going on here but it is definitely worth reading and finding out how this all turns out!