Flight of the Sparrow

On a bitter cold day in 1676, Mary Rowlandson is captured by Indians in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  She witnesses horrible deaths and the destruction of her life as she knew it.  Mary is married to a minister in Puritan New England.  Her life is one which lacks freedom in all forms.  she loves her children and her husband but as she is forced to become a slave to the Indians, she learns of a different kind of life.  Amidst the cruelty of this tribe, she also learns about their gentleness and appreciation of life and nature. She comes to like her life there.  She meets James, a Praying Indian, and they form a bond.  Aftefr 11 months, Mary is ransomed back to the English and her return to her old life, is mixed with varying emotions.

I really enjoyed this book and I learned much information about this time period in early New England.  With meticulous detail, the author recreated that time period for me.  Much of the story is based on historical fact, including Mary herself.  At the end of the novel, an interview with the auythor provides much knowledge of the times, including King Philip’s War and the rightness and wrongness on both sides.

Highly recommended.