Finding Mrs. Ford

Flashback techni1que is used in this story effectively.  Watch Hill, Rhode Island, 2014 and Detroit, Michigan in 1979….the story flips back and forth and keeps the suspence up.  I cannot say that I loved this book, but I was intrigued and read it rather quickly because I wanted to find out what was going on.

1979...Two thrown together friends, Susan and Annie work together at a less than classy bar. A summer job for Susan, she will eventually return to college.  But it is an incredibly eventful siummer.

2014….Mrs. Ford lives a luxurious life on the coast of Rhode Island with her dogs and social friends.  Enter the FBI one afternoon and everything changes.

Murder, drugs, theft….what happened that summer and how does it tie into Rhode Island and the privilege life that Mrs. Ford now lives.

Better read it…….