Dusk on Route 1

This is a sweet book and a delightful read.  The descriptions are terrific.  Being from New England and having spent a lot of time on the Maine coast, specifically Wells to Portland, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the familiar spots.  The Maine Diner, Laudholm Farm, Congdon’s Donuts, Hannaford’s all bring back memories.  Thank you Ms. Graves for those memories.

This is the story of Pamela, a depressed and sad widow.  She arrives back in Maine and it is Christmas Eve in the middle of a horrific blizzard.  Can you picture this???  Her story as well as all the other characters….Jimmy, Darlice, Ed all make for a warm and meaningful read.

Coming to grips with grief and realizing that one can still move on is at the heart of tihs lovely novel.

(a dear friend of mine knows the author and told me about this book……glad she did)