Destiny of the Republic

This is a remarkably well written book about James Garfield, 20th President of the United States. His presidency, in the late 1800’s,  was cut short by an assassin’s bullet. This book focused on Garfield’s learly life and his rise to the job of president, which he did not really want.  The book also focused on the assassin and his insanity.  And lastly, the bullet that was meant to kill Garfield did its damage but it did not kill him.  Infection, poor decisions by the doctors led to weeks of agonizing pain for James Garfield, and ultimately his death.  From this book, I learned that James Garfield was much loved by Americans from the north and south, rich and poor, black and white.    He was born in poverty and became educated through his mother’s foresight.  He served in the military and in Congress.  He was an amirable man.

Candice Millard, the author, did meticulous research and blended that with the story of James Garfield.  The story read easily and I felt that I knew this president.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.