Dear Edward

Edward is a twelve year old boy who, with his family, is relocating from New York to LA.  They are in flight, when the plane goes down leaving only Edward alive and 191 people dead.   His aunt and uncle suddenly become his parents.  This story is fiction but the author was obsessed with the true story in 2010 of a commercial airliner from Souith Africa to London that crashed in Libya, with a 9 year old boy surviving.

Napolitano’s fictional story is told in a dual timeline as we meet all the passengers on the plane and hear their stories.  In the other time line, we watch as Edward lives through the psychological, physical, mental and emotional after effects of the tragedy.  A young girl neighbor, Shea, offers Edward a lifeline that helps to anchor him as the years go on.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  It sounds like it might have been depressing or that maybe it was sensationalized, but that is not the case. It left  me really thinking about Edward and the manner in which his life went on.  It was an optimistic ending, though it was clear that Edward's experiences would be iwth him for the rest of his life.