Daughter of Molokai

With beautiful language and gentle rendering, author Alan Brennert has presented us with the long awaited sequel to Molokai.  These are the stories of a family torn apart by prejudice, disease and human suffering.  In spite of this, the author gives us a snapshot into the lives of Japanese living in California during the depression and World War II.  We read, in detail, the experiences of the internment camps that the Japanese endured.

Our main characters…..Ruth, Rachel, Etsuko, Taizo take us on an adventure.  In the first novel, we meet Rachel who suffers from leprosy and is isolated in the leper colony.  She marries and they have a daughter, Ruth.  For fear of Ruth developing leprosy, she is sent to an orphanage and is eventually adopted by a Japanese family.  And the second novel begins with that.  The review attached to the picture at the left gives an excellent summary of the book.

I read this book quickly because it was easy to do.  So interesting.  At BookMania 2019 in Stuart, Florida, author Alan Brennert will speak.  I intend to hear his today and will add to this review at a later time…….enjoy!