Call Your Daughter Home

Each character in this story has a voice.  The author did a remarkable job of making that happen.  This is the story of three women in the deep south in the 1920’s.  One, Annie, is well to do and her husband owns most of the town.  Retta, black servant, works for Annie and is married to Odell, the love of her life and one of the highlights of the story.  And then there is Gertrude, poor white impoverished and abused, mother of her four girls.  Each of their story is told and is interwoven throughout this wonderful novel.  

The secrets that a family holds and the injustices that sometimes abound are well developed in this novel.  

There were times as I listened to this novel that I kept wondering about where it was going.  It took the whole novel to build up to the essence of what it was all about.  And it was worth the wait!