Black Water Lilies

I am not usually a mystery reader, but this book may have changed all that.  I really enjoyed it and I could not figure out who did it!!!  I suspected a particular person but different clues kept me guessing.  There were many characters from different time periods….Fanette, Claude, Paul, Jacques, Inspector Laurent.  The setting was the beautiful village of Giverney.  The descriptions of the gardens and Monet’s home werre marvelous to listen to.  As you can tell, I listened to this book and loved the narrator.  

At one point, while I was listening to the story, I actually went on the web to research Monet’s home.  Two of the characters were standing in Monet’s bedroom and it actually made me look up the room and listen to the story as I looked at the room on the web.  

The story is about a painting, a contest and long remembered tragedy.  It is about love, control, jealousy and a bit of insanity.  

Highly recommended!