Black Cake

Black Cake, as one reviewer wrote, is a delicious read.  The story takes place in 2018 but dates back to the fifties.  The setting is a Caribbean Island, possibly modeled after Jamaica.  Our main character is Lovey, an amazing swimmer and Gibbs, the love of her life,  They swim together and plan for a future, but that is all derailed by Covey's father’s need to marry Covey to a horrible man known as  "Little Man”.   Lin, Covey’s father, owes this man everything because of his gambling and debt.  On the night of her wedding, “Little Man” is murdered.  How? Who?  The stage is set for the rest of  this remarkable story.  “We are left to think about the things we inherit from our ancestors — physical traits, mental and emotional strife, even cultural attachments, like a beloved recipe that has the power to bring us home, if only in our minds”Washington Post Reviewer

A terrific read….try it!