Between You and Me

This is an enjoyable read and the author will be appearing at the annual Bookmania in Stuart, Florida.  This is a love story on many levels.  Set deep within the Amish community, a clash of cultures arises.  Caleb Stolz is caught by a deathbed promise to his brother to raise the two children, Jonah and Hannah.  A tragic accident occurs sending Jonah to the hospital where he will require treatments from modern medicine, not at all accepted by the life of the “plain” people.  While at the hospital, Caleb meets Reese Powell, a doctor with a future.  She is driven and compassionate and is pressured by her wealthy successful medical parents, who have been planning her life for her.  Reese becomes emotionally involved with Caleb, Jonah, Hannah.  She begins to question her own goals.

It is amidst this backdrop that we read about the challenges that meet our main characters.  "Between You and Me is an emotionally complex story of love and loss, family and friendship, and the arduous road to discovering the heart’s true path”