Kent Haruf has always been an author whose books Ive beendrawn to….Plainsong, Eventide.  I came upon Benediction in our electronic library and realized I had never read it. It’s strange that this book showed up to me after the year of sadness which I have had. The main character, referred to as Dad, is dying.  His wife Mary is at his side constantly. Many days he sits at the window and reminisces. Friends and neighbors come to visit. His daughter comes to stay .

Through beautiful writing, we learn of his life…..all the good and the bad, the successes and the regrets. It is written with a gentleness that gives honor and dignity to dying.  As sad as I am with losing my husband, this book was uplifting, compassionate and thought provoking.  It didn’t make me cry at all… made me appreciate the lives we live.

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