- - Thursday, June 1, 2017

"ANALYSIS/OPINION:  from the Washington Post

“Beartown,” Fredrik Backman’s latest novel, takes place in a remote, on the skids, small Swedish town whose people are hoping that their junior hockey team might bring them national glory and with it economic revival. All is going great until suddenly a terrible incident changes everything, not only shattering the dream but also tearing the community apart.

While some sort of case could be made, as The New York Times and others have, that “Beartown” is a sports novel about hockey written by someone who truly has a feel for all sports, it sells Mr. Backman very short not to place strongest emphasis on what’s far, more relevant here than hockey: right vs. wrong, fear vs. courage and the importance and limits of friendship and loyalty.

Although in many ways “Beartown” is surprisingly different, like Mr. Backman’s previous books, it tells a story you don’t merely read but into which you immerse yourself.”

I could not have blogged this story as well as the above quoted review from the Washington Post.  I could barely put this book down and intend to start the sequel, Us Against You, later today. Exquisite writing, multi faceted character and story.  A fabulous book discussion…...