This book left me totally confused.  It is a literary masterpiece.  However, I got lost.  The novel is made up of three parts.  The first part is a touching portrayal of a May December romance between a famous aging author and a young editor.  I really enjoyed this part with its touching moments, its humor and its sadnesses.  The second novel was about an Iraqi American who gets detained at Heathrow Airport.  How these two stories fit together needs a greater mind than mine.  The third section brings Ezra, the author back.  Nothing came together for me in this book.  That being said, I enjoyed the book.  The writing is smooth and fabulous.  I can see why it is on the most highly regarded reading lists and amongst the top books of 2018.  A readeers guide isnt even enough but a book discussion at The Four Arts Society in Palm Beach might do the trick!