And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer

This is an exquisite book, a novella.  In fact, I read it twice, simply to savor it.  Very short, this book is written by Frederik Backman, author of A Man Called One.   It is a story about love, memories and learning how to say goodbye.  This is a book that everyone should read.  There are so many quote-able lines.  I will mention a few and link to many more.

This is the story of Grandpa and his grandson, NoahNoah.  The story encompasses Ted,  who is Noah’s Dad, Grandma and our two main characters.  Grandpa loved mathematics and shared everything with his most special NoahNoah.  Grandpa has a sickness in his brain….Altzheimer’s.  In poetic language, we learn of the love for Grandma, the lack of time for Ted as he was growing up and his powerful teaching of Noah.

A quote…….”It’s about fear and love, and how they seem to go hand in hand most of the time”

A quote from Grandma to her son Ted regarding Grandpa’s illness….this is in the author’s imagination because Grandma has predeceased Grandpa.…..”He’s not angry at you, he’s angry at the universe.  He’s angry because your enemy isn’t something he can fight."

As the story ends, we read these beautiful words…

“What can we do to help Grandpa?”

The dad’s tears dry on the boy’s sweatshirt.

“We can walk down the road with him.  We can keep him company”

Click on this link, to read more quotes.

As I said earlier in my review, do NOT miss this book.  It only takes an hour or so to read the first time, and then read it again and again.  Its a treasure!!!