An American Princess, Alice Roosevelt

This book was a very interesting fictionalized version of Alice Roosevelt ‘s life.  The daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, she lived a life of privilege and opportunity. She grasped those opportunities. She learned of politics and life in Washington. She adored her father and strove to win his approval and his affection. Alice Roosevelt became known as “the other Washington Monument quote. She was a very well character in the 1900’s.  Very knowledgeable and outspoken, she made her opinions very well known. In many ways, she was a woman ahead of her time.

The author did an excellent job of combining fact with fiction. Through this novel, I learned so much about this woman who I hadn’t paid any attention to in the past. As I mentioned earlier, she lived a privileged life but it wasn’t always a happy one. Her marriage to Nick did not produce any children. Her affair with an extremely well-known senator did produce a child. And the sadness is continue throughout her life, her very long life, as she died at the age of 96.

I do think that she is an example of a woman who picks herself up and keeps going And meets every challenge that life throws at her. Today in the 2020 time era, this is a wonderful way to look at the contributions made by this person and her persistence and courage in accomplishing many things.