American Dirt

So…..this is a bit of a controversial novel in 2020.  It is about immigration, written by a white woman, non Latina   Lydia’s story is of her harrowing escape with her son Luca from the cartel in Mexico.  Her whole family has been murdered.  The story of her escape through the villages and the desert is frightening.  The characters that they meet along the way are memorable and engaging.  I liked this book and it made me much more aware of the plight of immigrants to the United States.  I understand that much of it was unrealistic, but it did make the story “a story”.  This was written as fiction, not non fiction.  Much of it was based on years of research by the author.  

Im glad I read this book and I would recommend it to everyone.  I would also recommend that readers should read the reviews of the novel to understand the controversy