A World Gone Mad…war diaries

Astrid Lindgren, authorand mother, and her family live in Stockholm.  It is the beginnings of World War 2.  She clips articles from the papers and reports, in diary form, the events from 1939-1945.  I found it fascinating to read her personal accounting of daily or weekly happenings, with no foresight to the future as we know it today.  

A few things surprised me.  Sweden’s struggle to remain neutral during WW2, as the surrounding countries were over run was news to me.  Not being a student of world wars, I learned alot by reading this book and researching some facts.   The relative comfort that AL’s family lived in, during that time.....birthday parties, fine dinners, bike rides and trips was also surprising.   Obviously, they were of some means.  That being said, it was interesting to see how Astrid maintained home life and maternal responsibilities amidst the chaos and confusion she saw going on in the world around her.  It is easier for us now, over 70 years later, to make judgments, since we know how it all went down.

Astrid was a budding writer even at that time and continued to work on her famous book, that we know of today as Pippi Longstocking.  

This was definitely a different type of read for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. This book is a remarkable portrait of a domestic life in a country maintaining a fragile peace while war was raging all around it. 

The diaries were first found in an old laundry basket and we’re translated into English in 2016.