A Woman is No Man

As much as I disliked the title of this book, I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel.  Thoroughly,………..and I recommend it.  After reading the interview with the author, I understand the title and I think it is a brilliant use of it.  There is so much to discuss in this novel. 

Basically, it is the story of three generations of Palistinean women.  Palestine, 1990 and Brooklyn 2008 are the settings.   It is the story of the lives of Isra, Deya, Fareeda.  Heartbreakingly beautiful historical fiction told in alternating voices.  The role of women in tradional Palestinian culture amidst current American values is a major part of the story.   How does one weigh family duty and desire in a conservative Palestinian community in Brooklyn? 

I really enjoyed this book. the audio was excellent.  One reviewer commented in response to a question….”what did the ending mean?”  Her response was perfect.  She felt that the ending signified hope. 

Truly good!

Author interview