A Long Petal of the Sea

This was quite a wonderful tale based on historical events.  Spain and Chile, the story begins during the Spanish Civil War and spans oceans and continents’ worth of political upheaval.  When Franco defeats the powers in Spain, thousands of refugees escape to France.  Our main characters, Roser and Victor, are among the refugees. Roser is pregnant with Victor’s brother’s child but Guillam is dead, unknown to Roser.  Victor can gain himself and Roser passage to Chile on a ship chartered by poet Pablo Neruda, but only as a married couple.  So, they marry and the story goes on from there with years of life and struggles, both personal and political.

Each chapter begins with a beautiful quote from Neruda.  As the years go on, we fall in love with Roser and Victor and in the brilliance of Allende’s writing, we follow them through the crashing upheavel of cultures.

“A Long Petal of the Sea is a love story for these times.  But it;s not a story beholden to any era.  Its call is immutable, like Neruda’s hope” NPR Reviewer

Most highly recommended