A Good Neighborhood

This book was a puzzle. I really did not like most of it.  The characters were clearly and predictably drawn and the outcome, though unforeseen, was surprising and not surprising at the same time.  

Juniper and Xavier, tragic heroes, are our main characters. Black and white.....lovely young teenagers.  Xavier, young, half black, excellent student is scheduled to go off to college. His mother Julia, highly educated, loves her son and her home.  Enter the next door neighbors, nouveau riche, who tear the existing house down and mc-mansion A new one.   A gorgeous old tree on Xavier’s land is in the way……the scene is set.

Xavier and Juniper like each other a lot!  Brad, her stepfather, finds out about this and things begin to happen.  

Racism, criminal justice system, inequalities....are at play here.

The ending is shocking…..the review that you can read is excellent.  Click on the book cover to access it!