A Better Man

This is the 15th Gamache novel and it is as good as all the others.  Each book keeps me wondering till the very end “who done it”.  Kindness is a hallmark of these books in the midst of tragedy and suffering.

This novel brings Armand Gamache back as head of homicide.  Making this more complicated, he will be sharing duties with Jean Guy Beauvoir, his son in law.  Amid all the social media comments, a woman goes missing.  The search for Vivien Godin is played out against a backdrop of flooding, abuse, alcoholism, jealousy and revenge.  As always, we are met with the regular characters, Ruth, Myrna, Clara and the bistro folks.  

These novels are superb!


I love the “Four Wisdoms”…..we can all learn from them.  “I don’t know, I need help, I’m sorry, and I was wrong."  Armand Gamache held up his handf as a fist and raised a finger wth each point.  Cant you just see him teaching these to the young cadets????

“Things are strongest where they’re broken”

Three Questions to ask…..”is it true, is it kind, will it matter?”

“Where there is love, there is courage

Where there is courage, there is peace

Where there is peace, there is God.

And when you have God, you have everything.