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Books…..  I love to read them, listen to them,  talk about them, evaluate them and write about them. I have been keeping a webpage for many years.  Initially, my page was hosted under the name of, which can still be visited for earlier book reviews. 

As the years have gone by, technology has changed and so has my website.  The pages ahead are my most current book reviews, designated by year.  I have also highlighted the latest book which I have reviewed.  Be sure to click on the book titles to get my full review.

Visit my new pages, as was suggested by one of my book friends…….”What to read next…."

If you have enjoyed my blog or have any comments, suggestions or reactions, I would love to hear from you.  Please email me.  

Book Reviews



Fiction, non fiction, audio and ebook 

 (ebook and audio) 6-22 ***


Fiction, non fiction, audio and ebook 


Fiction, non fiction, audio and ebook


Fiction and Non Fiction and Audio


Fiction, Non Fiction and Audio


 Wit’s End…by Peter Hichborn

“Wit’s End” is the creative writing genius of my husband!!!  I hope you enjoy these whimsical tales!!!

Hichborn Lore…..and genealogy

The Hichborn Inn, a real place, is located on a quiet side street in the small town of Stockton Springs, Maine, just a short distance from busy Route 1.  Stockton Springs was in its prime during the mid 1800’s, when wooden shipbuilding was the region’s major industry.  The most prolific shipbuider in town, N.G. Hichborn and his wife built this stately Italianate-style Victorian home in about 1850. It remained in the Hichborn family until 1939.  In 1988, the house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Today, in 2022, the home was purchased and is now known as “The Hichborn”, a well visited gourmet restaurant.  



Field Trips

On an entirely different topic, at the bottom of this page, I am including a link to day trips that we have taken in the Florida area…..another way of learning about the happy things in life.  


McKee Botanical Gardens Visit  March 2018

San Francisco Visit April and June 2018

Four Arts Society—Isabelle DeBorchgrave Exhibit  April 2018

Fort Myers and Sanibel April 2018

Winter Park May, 2018 and 2021

National Navy Seal Museum  May 2018

Moody Beach,Maine Summer, 2018 

Palm City, Florida  2014…...

Heathcote Botanical Gardens Dec. 2018

Norton Museum  Feb. 2019

McKee Botanical Gardens….again.  Feb. 2019

Bok Tower and Gardens March,2019.

McKee Botanical Gardens…againFeb. 2020 

Trees and Orchids of Monarch, Apr. 2020

Out West, Feb. 2022

Garden Tour, March 2022